What’s the Best Way to Use a Party Planner

Birthday Party Sydney Try a Planner & Why Use One ?

birthday party sydney

You are the best man and the groom calls you to ask what is happening with his Birthday Party Sydney ? You only have 3 weeks until its supposed to happen. What should you do? Never try and do something yourself when there are experts out there that can do it for you.

Use old faithful Google to see what”s out there. There are loads of company’s out there that do it. Because they range from cheaper party style boats up to $10 million Cruisers. You can arrange to paintball to clay pigeon shooting. Because the list of options is endless this is good and bad.

Also too many choices mean it’s hard to make a decision, not enough doesn’t get many people to join in the bucks party which isn’t cool. So where do you begin? Where is the starting point? Very confusing if you haven’t don’t it before.

As my Dad always used to tell me the WHO the WHAT the WHY the WHERE and the WHEN !!!

Birthday Party Sydney Check-list

  1. How many people do you think will attend? Be realistic with this figure. If you invite 50 then expect to get about 50% and you will have done well.
  2. How much will they be all willing to pay? Again set a minimum which needs to be realistic and a maximum that won’t break the bank.
  3. Find out about food and drinks options people prefer. Remember can can’t please everyone so go with the majority.
  4. What kind of entertainment does everyone prefer? Do they want a tame, quiet version or an XXX full on party version? Again you can only please some of the people some of the time so go with the consensus.
  5. Also plan a Birthday Party well in advance.

This means you get: –

The location you want.

At the time you want.

With the girls you like.

For the price, you wanted to pay.

Hope this helps with why to get in the experts.

Because they know what they are doing and will save you time and money.

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